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La Antigua, Guatemala was declared in 1979 by UNESCO a Cultural Heritage for Humanity. The city has survived as an historical gem with its authentic colonial archicheture transporting you back to the seventeenth century. The city remains with the original look and feel. Just 45 Kms south from Guatemala City, the historical city is situated in the Panchoy Valley at 1500 meters above sea level. It sits surrounded by two long extinct volcanoes named Acatenango, and Agual and one active volcano, named Fuego. One can observe the views anywhere in the city they are spectacular. The central plaza serves as the core to the entire city, walking cobblestone streets one discovers over 50 active and historically preserved churches; a collection of parks, fountains, and benches fill the city with several original Government offices as well as the Palace of the Captain’s General.

Friendly greetings and contagious smiles from the locals enhance this picturesque city. Mecca to the Mayan empire travelers will discover the unique colors and traditional dresses at every corner. At the Mercado de Artesania you will find women with baskets on their heads accompanied by children going to the Mercado Local to purchase and sell fruits, vegetables and dry goods. Mornings are the best time to visit the distinct spots in the city. From the Central Plaza one can visit the Museum of Colonial Arts, where you will find permanent exhibit of Seventeen and Eighteen century paintings and sculptures. Just a few short blocks away you will find the ruins of Santa Clara and Parque La Union . Down the road off Calle de los Pasos you will find the ruins of San Francisco now famous for housing the remains of Santo Hermano Pedro de San Jose De Betancur, recently canonized Roman Catholic Saint. Pilgrims come to visit the museum and view his tomb. Another notable building is the Iglesia de la Escuela de Cristo known for its holy week processions. Changing directions and going to the other extreme of the city you will find the ruins of Convento de Capuchinas, that were destroyed during the earthquake of 1773. You can discover local social life on Calle del Arco a main street that closes on Weekends and Holidays for its street festivals. Within the city and off the streets visitors experience the delightful array of shops, café’s shops, art shops and galleries, bookstores, retreat centers in Antigua Guatemala, spanish schools in antigua guatemala, museums and a variety of local and distinct culinary experiences. And Casa Madeleine is a lovely hotel in Antigua Guatemala that you should visit and stay at.

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